【Let's Be Together Arts Festival 2019】: Visionary Fest #1
ThreeWoods Playwright
01/09/2019 (Sun)
3 pm - 4:30 pm
VESSEL 02, 90 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong

“All matter is the illusion of the universe.” From dawn of time, human beings has been fascinated by abstract. Existence. Non-existence. Matter. Concept. To bring imagination into reality, we present it through the form of art, such as music, choreography, clothing, etc, as humans always do.

Illusion Fest aims to replay the ancient ritual culture into the present with creativity and craftsmanship, not for worship or enlightenment, but to celebrate life and existence with you and all beings on a regular Sunday.

Coelacanth & Friends
Coelacanth is a street ethnic instruments/ world music duo which performs music with Didgeridoo, Mouth harp and Handpan etc.

The name Coelacanth is inspired by an ancient order of fish, coelacanth which was believed to be extinct. Coelacanths actually survived through the past 4 billion years. Acting as a witness of time and evolution.

The nature of Coelacanth is similar to the order of coelacanth fish. The ethnic music they love is considered obscure and absent, but in reality there are still an active medium of ancient stories and wisdom. Coelacanth hopes that their music can witness evolution as the coelacanth fish did, bringing true happiness within.